​​The Sacramento County Integrated Justice Information System (IJIS) was established to improve public safety through the timely and accurate sharing of criminal justice information among various justice related agencies.

IJIS is sponsored by the Sacramento County Criminal Justice Cabinet and was established in January of 2000. A comprehensive Information Strategy Plan (strategic plan) was developed and approved in February of 2002 by the Criminal Justice Cabinet Executive Committee. The strategic plan addressed technical and funding strategies, as well as the necessary governance structure needed to develop and implement related integration projects. IJIS projects are designed and implemented to meet the data sharing needs of 19 stakeholder organizations related to adult and juvenile criminal justice activities. Selected projects are consistent with the overarching technical direction outlined in the strategic plan and must meet one or more of the following IJIS goals: 

  • Improved ability to share data among agencies
  • Improved reporting capabilities
  • Reduction in redundant activities

The IJIS strategic plan and goals are achieved through the following committees: IJIS Steering Committee, IJIS Technology Committee, IJIS Security Committee and the Shared Systems Steering Committee.